Monday, March 30, 2009

I Got This Walkin' Thing No Problem

Hi, everyone! Noah here...

On Wednesday, March 4, I was feeling particularly crabby about my teething so Mama and I went home early from daycare. I was watching some Sprout (my favorite channel, you know) and decided it was time to nonchalantly walk across the room to see if Mama was watching.

Well obviously she was since we have this lovely little video to share of the whole experience. By the way, Mama apologizes for getting overly excited. Hey, it's not every day your little boy walks, right? Enjoy!

Tutu (that's my Dada's Mama) says that I walked on my Great-Grandpa Prys' birthday, which she says is so fitting. He would have loved me!

This last weekend I finally grew out of the shoes my Cousin Jack handed down to me so I went out and got new ones...some awesome sneakers and some sweet sandals. I loved them so much I walked right out of the store when I tried them on. I'll have to have Dada take a few pictures of me in my new shoes. I'm getting really good at this walking thing, for sure!

Catch you later, my peoples!

Next post: St. Patrick's Day fun...Stay tuned!


Jenn said...

Yeah!!!!! Noah is walking! There is an entire world to explore now that Noah is up on his feet. Can't wait for Jack and Noah to cause some destruction at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Allison said...

Way to go Noah!!! What a big big boy you are! You were just so "cool" about it... suckin' your thumb, standin' around, and then BOOM! No stopping you now!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Noah! Such a confident stroll for the first time! Nice that you picked a significant date too, happy birthday great grampa!

Anonymous said...

He walks just like a drunken dwarf. It's appropriate that this was right before St. Patty's Day.