Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wow, Now I'm 1!

Today I'm 1-year-old! I'm very excited about it, can't you tell?
Oh, no! Is 1 old? I hope I still have my boyish good looks. Oh and here I am still in my jammies, too. Can't you wait until I get dressed to take my picture? I mean, really!
I was posing for photos when I realized there was this "thing" behind me...
Wow, it's so shiny and sparkly. I wonder what it is? Birthday, shmirthday! I'm going to check this thing out. See you at my party...

1 comment:

Allison said...

Who ever thought hiding a tree behind you was a good idea?! I mean... why are they holding out on you?? It is clear you are pretty smart 1 year old though to spy it. Looking forward to your party pics.