Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh To Be 1...It's So Much Fun!

Being 1 is great!

Here's some stuff I learned how to do in January...

I started eating real food (no more of that baby food stuff for me, people). I love mac 'n cheese the best, as you can see, and I insist on feeding myself.
And I am growing soooo big! Just check me out!
I also learned a few new skills. My Aunt Nora taught me how to throw a ball. Pretty cool, huh?
But I still love peekaboo...a boy can never have enough of that.
In all, I'm a happy boy! As long as I have my lovey (AKA blanket of any receiving variety), I'm OK.
Oh and check out my new smile. Gotta show off those awesome new teeth somehow.

Maybe I should work on that walking thing people are talking about. Maybe I'll have made some progress by my next post...

Bye for now...Keep smiling!


Allison said...

I am laughing out loud at that last picture... what a cutie! It is so fun to see new pictures of you Noah!

Anonymous said...

That is one really big smile, Noah! Lots to smile about in this latest report!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are such a smiley, wonderful boy, Noah! You are getting sooooo big and strong. We love you sooooo much!
Mimi and Pop

Anonymous said...

You're a poet and don't know I have to run...go to grade one...and have some fun. This blog has risen to the top...pop