Friday, August 14, 2009

BBQ Extravaganza!

Hello, my peoples!

My mama apologizes for taking all week to do this post. We were busy...

On Sunday we went to a neat BBQ and concert at Tutu and Sir's Country Club. Mimi and Pop came, too, so all my favorite people were there. I had a blast! I threw a football and ran all over the place and up and down the hill. I laughed and laughed and drank so much water my Mama thought I was part camel. Here I am with Mimi and my football.
The music was also a lot of fun. I danced and grooved up a storm! The band was a Rod Stewart cover band. I have no idea who he is but his music rocks!
Here are Tutu and Mimi enjoying their hamburgers and margaritas. Cheers!
Here I am with Mama and her sunglasses (stolen right off her face, of course). I had just tried my first bites of a candy bar. Milky Ways are the best, people! Honestly, you gotta try one!
Here's the whole gang enjoying the show...
And finally, I thought I'd take Mimi's sunglasses home with me. I didn't think she'd mind. You know how I like glasses.

So a fun afternoon was had by all! BBQs are alright. Let's do it again soon!


Allison said...

That looks like a REALLY fun afternoon, Noah! It looks like you had a crazy neighbor at the picnic though. Was she upset that you took Mama's glasses (or perhaps mid-sentence, she doesn't look so crazy when I enlarge the photo hehe)?
Keep on dancing and drinking! Water that is...

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Noah! I've been missing you but I can see you've been busy! I love picnics too! Extra fun when your best friends are there and music too!

Jenn said...

It looks like you had a great time with everyone -- you can tell they had just as much fun hanging out with you.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I think Dad is texting ME in that picture! This totally shatters the fourth wall!
Uncle Jon

Dele said...

WOW! A great time was had by all - so much fun, Noah - and so much love surrounding you...oh, I love mac 'n cheese too!