Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Noah: The Lost Episodes...

Mama just came across a few photo gems and a video from a few weeks ago when we were at Tutu and Sir's house. She totally forgot to post them.

I thought you might like to see the cool side of Noah. Do I look like a rebel in these shades?
And do these glasses make me look smarter?

And here's a little video of some new dance moves I'm working on. I think I'm ready to go on tour.


Allison said...

I must say, those are some crazy dance moves! I haven't ever seen the "sucking thumb" move in a dance routine before. Blazing new trails, Noah!
Dance On - Allison

Allison said...

How could I have forgotten about the glasses?! You are lookin' really cool in those shades!

Jenn said...

Noah looks like a movie star getting ready to face the papparazzi!

Anonymous said...

He looks cool...a bit like a CHP motor cop. He needs some "mirrors" to complete the package. Pop

Dele said...

Noah - you are growing up so fast. I have just caught up on your blog - so many things you've been up to. And - you make me feel like dancin'!