Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frog Boots

Remember my cute little frog boots? Well few days ago I decided to put them to good use. We were attempting to have a TV free evening at our house (good luck with that, Mama) and Mama was playing all my favorite songs. I decided that my dancing needed boots.
So I put them on all by myself... ...and did some serious stomping around!

Mama did her best to capture my antics on video but I was a bit too fast for her. Maybe next time, Mama!


Meg said...

Those are great boots-made for 2 year olds to self administer to feet! Good job, Noah, boots make a stomp so much more fun--I bet Kermit had a great time too!

Allison said...

Noah, if I say anything about dancing it is that props and accessories make it much more fun - and I think it is really FUN in the first place! You have it all figured out and you are only 2! Way to go little man!

Anonymous said...

Get down and get funky!
Love you, Noah!

Marirose said...

Those boots were made for walking and that's just what you'll do!!!! Stomp! Splash!! Have fun in your wonderful green boots!! Love you Noah