Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Baptism to Ella Grace!

Yesterday, Mama and I went to Cousin Ella's baptism. Dada was feeling under the weather so we went to represent our family. It was at St. James' Church in Redondo Beach. I got all dressed up for the occasion. Here I am with Sir right before the ceremony started.
Here's Ella getting blessed with the water...
...and anointed with the oil.
The beautiful family after the ceremony. The gown she is wearing has been in Uncle Mike's family for generations. His great-grandfather, Henry, was the first to wear it 87 years ago. Amazing!
Then it was time for pictures on the alter. Paparazzi get ready! Here she is with her Mama and Dada and the wonderful deacon who baptized her.
Here she is with her godparents: Uncle Mike's brother, Joe, and his sister, Liz. They came all the way from St. Louis for the celebration with the rest of Uncle Mike's family.
Here are the proud grandparents: Deb and Jim, Uncle Mike's parents, and of course, Tutu and Sir.
And here is the whole gang. Aunt Mary was there and Uncle Mike's brother, Dan, and his wife, Jenny, brought their newborn, Laney. She's only 3 1/2 months old! And Aunt Darlene came all the way from Miami. As you can see, I went right for her. She's fun!
Then it was time to party! Look at that cake...of course, I didn't have any. I'm not that into sweets, you know. The adults had special Hawaiian food for dinner...Mama was in heaven!
Here's Tutu with her granddaughter. She definitely got her holy on, as Uncle Mike, my godfather, said on my baptism day. Silly Uncle Mike!
After a quick costume change (I have to wear that dashing outfit next week for Easter so I didn't want to get it dirty), I played with Aunt Marisa's wind chime with the help of Aunt Darlene and Aunt Nora. I kept saying, "chime."
And I made myself a new friend. Ella's godfather, Joe, has a beautiful wife named Waffe. Her name is really Elizabeth but she loved waffles so much as a little girl that they gave her that nickname. Silly!
Anyway, I was quite smitten with Waffe and she loved making me fly up and down. Here's a quick video of our playtime. I think she got her workout in for the week playing with me. Hee, hee!
Then it was time for presents. Ella got lots of wonderful mementos and books and such. But the highlight were these butterfly wings from my Mimi and Pop-Pop. Adorable!
Finally, it was time to poop out the toddler. Mama thought it would be a good idea to get me good and tired before the ride home. So we went next door to the park to swing for a while. Ella joined in the fun. Here we are getting pushed by Aunt Darlene and Sir. Wheeee!
Here's a little video of our swinging adventure...
Ella was having an especially good time! Look at that smile, will ya! And check out those bottom teeth. You'll be eating mac 'n cheese soon enough with me, Ella!
I even managed to give Aunt Darlene a fist pump mid-swing. That takes talent, people!
Then I spied the slide so I decided to take a quick slide down before we left.Ella joined me.
So it was a wonderful and blessed day. Happy baptism day and welcome to the Catholic Church, Ella Grace! May you grow in faith and love. We love you!


Meg said...

Ella is a beautiful baby! Congrats to her and her family on her baptism day!

Marirose said...

Noah, you looked so handsome in your green sweater. Everyone was so happy to see you. Dan Klug enjoyed reading you a story later on too. Ella's Baptism was a happy and holy day and having her special cousin Noah and his Mama and Mimi and Pop there made it truly wonderful. Your Tutu who loves you to pieces and Sir

Allison said...

Oh, I can't wait to see you up close in your handsome outfit! Congratulations to baby Ella!

Haizara Edogawa said...

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Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful day to bless Baby Ella! We were honored to be there. Noah, you had such fun. You are so big and you're a wonderful cousin for Ella.
We love you!
Mimi and Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

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