Thursday, April 29, 2010

Noah the Photographer?

The other day, Mama gave me an empty paper towel tube and I loved it. I was using it as a telescope and Mama thought I was super cute. So she thought she'd take a few photos. Fat chance, Mama! Here's the look I gave her right before I snatched the camera from her hands. What's a Mama to do? Let the 2-year-old take some photos, right? Not like she had much choice. I was pretty persistent.

The following photos were taken by me.
Here's the living room. I call it "Controlled Clutter."
Here's a shot of the backyard. Kinda moody. A very artistic photo of my easel. Check out the motion effect.
Hey, there's Mama!
And Dada, too!
Then I thought I'd attempt a self portrait. Here's my first try. Ooops, my hand was in the way...
A little better...
Not too shabby.

So do I have a future in photography? With a bit more practice I'll soon be snapping like a pro!


Allison said...

Nice work, Noah! I love how LOW mama had to get to be in the picture. You may really have a knack for it in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Great eye, Noah! I love the composition and lighting effects. Will you take my photo soon?
love you -

Meg said...

Those are great! I guess kids who've been watching the process from the other side since one minute of age WOULD insist on DIY eventually! Amazing! Nice that the film and developing is so cheap now!

Marirose said...

Noah, you are a natural! Love the lighting effects and motion capture. Aunt Nora is proud of you too! Love Tutu

Anonymous said...

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