Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Celebration 2010

We spent this afternoon at Tutu and Sir's house to celebrate Easter! Everyone was there: Mama, Dada, Tutu, Sir, Aunt Nora, Aaron, Mimi, Pop-Pop, both of my Great-Grandmas, Aunt Mary, Aunt Marisa, Uncle Mike, Cousin Ella, Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Cousin Jack. It was a packed house!
We did a great Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Aunt Nora and Aaron did the hiding and Jack, Ella and I did the seeking. Jack and I had lots of practice so we knew exactly what to do. I looked for eggs at daycare on Friday and Jack went to a city-sponsored egg hunt yesterday. We were primed!
Here I am finding an egg...
...and another...'s one more...
...almost missed this one..., these eggs are everywhere!
Jack was very good at finding eggs, too!
Good job, buddy!
Here's a little video of Jack and I in action. I kept saying "over there" and Jack got some help from the egg hiders. Hee, hee!
And even little Ella got into the act.
Not bad for her first hunt!
Finally, we had found all the eggs. Whew!
Here I am with my parents. Notice I was much more interested in the Cheerios hiding in this egg than getting my photo taken. I have priorities, people!
Here's Jack with his Mama and Dada. Adorable! Is that a paparazzi hand in the photo? Those guys are everywhere!
And here are Tutu and Sir with their grandbabies. Are we cute or what?
And we tried to take a photo of Mimi and Pop-Pop with their grandbabies but Jack got away before Dada could snap all four of us. Oh well!
What a wonderful and blessed Easter with all of our family! Let's do it again next year!


Jenn said...

Happy Easter! We had such a good time spending the afternoon with everyone. Good food, good times!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Tutu and Sir for their wonderful hospitality and to the egg hiders for their cleverness! We had a great time! These are such great memories for Ella, Jack, and Noah -

Love to all

Allison said...

This looks like a fabulous egg hunt, Noah! What lucky boys, getting to hunt for "loaded" ones. :)

Marirose said...

What a fun time we had with everyone. Noah, you and Jack are champion egg hunters and Ella grabbed them up too. She looked so beautiful in her Easter dress. Love to you all, Tutu and Sir

Anonymous said...

Great video of Jeff's feet and the lawn! Heh, heh...

Dele said...

What great pictures - Noah is growing up so fast - he looks adorable in his sweater-vest. Such terrific Easter fun!