Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

So sorry it's been a while since we blogged. We actually had some nice visits with family last weekend but Mommy was so busy that she forgot to post the photos (stay tuned for some cousin fun with Jack). It happens. Plus we have all been under the weather. We're all feeling better now but it was a rough week for all of us.

Anyways...we celebrated Memorial Day yesterday with Tutu and Sir. They cooked us a wonderful BBQ with hamburgers, corn (first of the season), potato salad, fruit and apple pie. Yummy! Of course, I had mac n' cheese but did partake of some delicious BBQ potato chips.
Here I am being super cute and patriotic! Go, America!
It was such a nice day that Daddy thought it would be fun to take a few photos of little old me. Am I handsome or what?
We thought we'd take advantage of the nice day and spend some time in Tutu and Sir's yard. Here I am checking out some cool seed pods with Mommy.
What's next, Tutu?
Here I am petting the turtle...
...and the duck...
...and checking out the dog. It's a memorial to Autumn, Tutu's beloved Golden Retriever.
And no visit to Tutu's garden would be complete without me splashing in her fountain...
What a blast, huh?
Then I thought I'd lounge for a bit. Comfy!
And I thought I might try to climb a tree but Mommy caught me.
She let me spin the pretty wind chime instead.
It was hot enough in Los Angeles yesterday to swim but the water in the pool felt like ice water so maybe next weekend. Here I am feeling very sad about not swimming.

It was a super Memorial Day! Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for the fun BBQ! Have a great week, everyone...


Allison said...

You were quite a busy boy in Tutu's beautiful backyard. You and Emily should both try some new foods... there are some really great things out there to fill your tum!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous big boy you are, Noah! Your photos look like magazine ads! Looks like you had so much fun! Love you,

Meg said...

NOW Allison! Emily HAS discovered CAKE and that's important!
Noah, what a fun day at Tutu and Sir's! I think that fountain looks like a ton of fun!

Marirose said...

Noah, you are such a handsome boy and so photogenic! I love the pictures your daddy took of you in our yard. Sir and I are warming up the pool for you so you can swim real soon...more fun to come and soon we're off to Maui!! Yippee!

Marirose said...

Oh..I forgot to say that I think you look a lot like Christopher Robbin these days!! Especially in the picture of you sitting on the rock and looking down at your feet....all we need is Pooh to come humming along!! Tutu