Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jack & Noah's Zoo Adventure

Jack and I went to the zoo on Sunday! We are LA Zoo members, as you know, and we had some free passes so we took Jack, Aunt Jenn, Mimi and Pop-Pop with us. Mama and I were ready for some fun. Let's go, everyone!
Here we are checking out an exhibit in the Children's Zoo. Jack was taking his own pictures.
Mama and Pop-Pop did their best to help me find some hiding animal babies.
Oh, there it is!
Then we saw my favorite gazelles. I love how they stretch their necks and climb the tree to eat leaves.
Then it was time for Jack and I to do some grazing too. Snack time!
Then it was off to see the flamingos. Did you know that they stand on one leg while they are sleeping? Fascinating...
We especially loved the gorilla exhibit. They were all very close to the crowd that day...
So Mimi and I watched for awhile.
This guy was thinking it was almost time for lunch, I think. Good idea, big guy!
Mama and I loved the giraffes the best! Wow, we are 14-feet-tall!
Then it was time for lunch. Yeah! I waited patiently for our food to arrive.
Pop-Pop kept me company. He's so entertaining!
After lunch, Jack and I shared the stroller. I let Jack drive cuz I'm nice that way.
Finally, we went to see the chimps. Here I am calling them over.
Mama helped us spy them on top of a rock.
Then Jack and Aunt Jenn sat with the crowd to observe the chimps for a while.
Mimi, Pop-Pop and I went in for a closer look.
Then it was back in the stroller. I was starting to get tired.
Then just like that, I was out. I slept for 3 hours that afternoon. Whew, what a day! We'll have to do it again very soon...


Meg said...

Great recording of the fun day! Noah, you're very nice about getting back in the stroller after you see the animals. Some children don't take advantage of this special time in life and the comfy ride!

Jenn said...

We had such a great time -- thanks for getting us in!

Allison said...

That was a busy zoo day! Looks like a lot of fun though! I like the picture of you finding the animal babies, Noah. So exciting!!

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