Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!

Yesterday was Mother's Day! Hooray! I love my Mommy so I celebrated her all day.
I made her this lovely card at daycare. That's my hand holding the flowers. At least it's my hand print.
This is the inside. It says, "You are the best Mom in the world." That is the truth!
I also made this photo holder with my picture on it. It has a magnet on it and everything.
We had a big day and partied with all the moms we know. We started out the day going to church with Tutu, Sir and Aunt Nora. Good thing they have a crying room. I circled the ramp over and over and over.

Then it was off to brunch at Tutu and Sir's country club. Mommy was misinformed and told her family that the brunch started at 10 but it really started at 11. Who listens to Mommy anyways, right? So we had some time to kill. Jack and I gave lots of kisses and hugs to Aunt Jenn.
And Aunt Nora taught us all about golfing. So you hit the ball and go after it until it makes it in the hole. Fascinating! I think I'd rather ride around in the cart.
Then it was time for brunch. I busied myself by playing peek-a-boo.
Then Tutu and I played with stickers, of course.
Here I am with Tutu, Sir and Cousin Ella: all of Tutu's Treasures!
Here are Aunt Nora, Pop-Pop and Sir getting ready for some amazing food.
Then it was time for photos with the mommies and grammies. Here is Mommy and Uncle Jon with their Mommy, my Mimi.
And here is Pop-Pop with his Mommy, my Great-Grammy.
And here is Daddy, Aunt Nora, Aunt Marisa with their Mommy, my Tutu, and her grandchildren, too.
And here are Jack and me with our Mommies and our Mimi.
About 15 minutes into brunch, Jack and I started to get restless. Good thing Uncle Jon was prepared.
He has lots of fun games for toddlers on his iPhone. Here I am playing with a farm animal game.
And then I thought I'd decorate a bit with stickers.
Here is a rare photo of Mommy holding Ella with Aunt Marisa, Ella's Mommy, on her first official Mother's Day. I was busy playing iPhone games so I didn't even notice.
Here's Ella with both of her parents. Your big day is coming in a month, Uncle Mike!
All good things have to come to an end. Awww! Jack and I thought we'd attempt to take a nice photo with Mimi before we headed home. Not too bad...
Ummm, not quite...
We were all saying "cheese" in this one...
OK, enough cheese already, people.
Oh, boy...
Thank you, Mommy, for all you do for me. There's nothing like your hugs...
...your sweet, silly smile...
...or abundant kisses for me. I love you, Mommy!
By the way, I fell asleep in the car before we even got to the freeway and slept for three hours! I was pooped!
Later that night, we took a quick trip down to Mimi and Pop-Pop's house so I could meet Mimi's Cousin Susan. She was in town from Pittsburgh, PA, for the tapping of "Dancing with the Stars" tonight. Her college friend is Evan Lysacek's mother so she came to root for him in person. I don't know who this Even guy is but it sure was great to visit with you, Susan. Come back to California real soon, OK?
Whew, what a day! Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! Can't wait until next year...


Allison said...

Phew... that IS a big day! Happy Mother's Day to your Mommy, Noah. You are right, she loves you in abundance and you are a lucky boy.
Wish I could go to a taping of DWTS - you should have hitched a ride!

Jenn said...

We had a great time! Happy Mother's Day to you, Alison. We love you.

Anonymous said...

What a day! I had a wonderful time with our beautiful boys and our loving and generous "extended family." God bless all Moms! Alison and Jenn, I admire you so much. I love you, too!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention - wow those photos are great, Ali!

Meg said...

Oh man....Noah, I would have been asleep before the car seat was buckled! What a busy, fun day with all those moms, grammas and great-grammas! You are one lucky fellow to have such a nice big family to love you!
ps-like what you did with the stickers too!

Marirose said...

Hey Noah, you and Ella were terrific, so happy and fun all day. You both have wonderful beautiful Mommies. We had such a great day together. YOur Tutu loves so much and your Mommy and Dada too and Aunt Marisa, Uncle Mike and Aunt Nora. If only Aunt Darlene could have been with us too but she sent hugs and kisses from Miami. Love you, Tutu

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