Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Yesterday was Father's Day! I celebrated big time with my Daddy. Mommy and I gave him all kinds of fun stuff, including a cool money clip wallet, a game for his DS and a photo of little old me. I also made Daddy this cool "tie" at daycare. I put my hand prints on it and everything. He loved it!
I think I'd like to have this back, Daddy. It's pretty cool.
For Father's Day, we did a little bit of decorating in our garden. We picked up this awesome owl...
This neato butterfly...
And this cool birdbath. Daddy filled it with water so the birdies will have a place to cool off this summer.
I had to make sure the water was in there.
Then I thought I'd check out the sprinklers.
I could almost reach the water without getting completely wet. Pretty ingenious, huh?
Thanks, Daddy, for the gardening fun. You are a pal!
Then it was off to Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn's for more celebrating. Great-Grammy was there. She had lots of treats for Jack and me.
Jack and I had a blast all afternoon. We played with toys in the yard...
I did some chalk drawings...
We caused a Sigalert in the grass...
And did some light reading with Mimi.
I love my cousin Jack! We are such buddies!
Then it was time for a few photos with the Daddies! Here I am with my Daddy. He's the best!
We LOVE being silly together!
Here I am with Pop-Pop. He is definitely much cooler than the rest of us.
And here is Pop-Pop with both of his boys. Cute!
And here are all the "men." Are we handsome or what?
Then it was time for the fun to come to an end. Jack and I got ready for bed by brushing our teeth...
And taking an old fashioned bath.
So Happy Father's Day to all of you Daddies out there and thanks to all of the great guys in my life, especially my Daddy. I am one lucky dude!


Jenn said...

Ha ha ha ha -- the last photo is great!

Anonymous said...

Did we have a full day of fun or what? And the dads look so great! So relaxed. Notice there are few photos of the exhausted Moms/Grandmas! Thanks to everyone for a grand time!
Love you all -

Allison said...

I agree - that last pic is greatness! Happy Father's Day!

Meg said...

That looks like a splendid Fathers' Day for your Daddy,your Pop-Pop and Uncle Jon! You look so cute, too, Noah but it was more fun in person this past weekend! Hope it happens often!!

Marirose said...

Love the pictures of you and your daddy Noah. You two are so happy together! Love the last picture of you and Jack getting ready for bathtime, priceless! Tutu

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