Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Noah, The Lost Episodes: First Swim of the Season

As promised, Mommy was finally able to get the photos from my first swim of the season off of our other camera so she could share them with you. So I decided to do a "lost episodes" post all about it.
About three weeks ago (June 6, to be exact), it was finally warm enough in Southern California to swim in Tutu and Sir's pool. And boy, did I have fun! Here I am pushing Daddy into the waterfall.
I made sure to test out my new swimming gear in the big pool just to make sure it would be OK for Maui. And guess what? It's perfect!
Daddy helped me motor boat all over the pool. I still know how to kick and blow bubbles. I guess you never forget these things.
Then it was Mommy's turn.
I loved sitting on the side of the pool and jumping into her arms.
Wheeeee! So fun! Oh, hi, Aunt Nora! And Tutu, too!
So I'd say the first swim of the season was excellent and well worth the wait! Two thumbs way up for me!


Allison said...

Yay, Noah! What a fun day in the sun!

Marirose said...

Noah, you are a born water baby just like your daddy. Some day, we will all snorkel together in Maui. But first, you have to learn how to swim really good! Jumping off the side to mom is a good start! Sir and I are glad you had so much fun swimming in our pool! Tutu