Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back Yard Pool Fun!

Saturday was such a nice day that we decided to visit Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Jack at their house. Everything was quiet (well as quiet as they can be with two toddlers in the house) until somehow pools came up in the course of the adult conversation and BINGO! Jack and I wanted to swim.
So Uncle Jon pulled out the water stuff and we were off and running. Literally. Check out my new pool gear. Am I ready for Maui or what?
Jack was so excited that he jumped right in with his shirt still on. Silly Jack. I loved the squirty pool a lot. It has a sun and monkey and dolphin and everything. I made sure everyone knew about them so I mentioned it about 50 times.
We also discovered we could splash with our feet. Awesome! Except we both slipped, fell in the water and got our bums wet. Hee, hee!
Then we moved over to the wading pool. Jack showed me that drinking the water can be fun.
So we drank it together.
Jack started to get tired so I was left to entertain myself. I realized that I could take off my hat, get it wet and then put it back on my head. It's the little things...
Here's Jack taking a break with his Mommy. Swimming can take a lot out of a little guy.
Finally, it was time for lunch. Jack and I shared a chair and lots of kisses, of course. Here's Jack in mid-smooch!
Thanks for the fun morning, Jack! Let's do it again really soon...


Allison said...

Lots of good wet fun! I like the picture of you and Jack wetting your whistles. I also like your hat idea... a great way to cool off.

Meg said...

Feel like I may have mentioned this before BUT...IT IS SO GREAT THE COUSINS ARE SUCH PALS AND SEE EACH OTHER OFTEN! Lucky boys!

Jenn said...

Playing in the water is a lot more fun when Noah comes over - thanks for coming!

Anonymous said...

Noah, you are a veteran pool guy! I know you will show Jack all the ins and outs of the pool in Maui. Can't wait to play with you in the pool, on the beach, and everywhere.

I love you,