Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pre-Father's Day with the Dirstines

On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day a week early with the Dirstines. Tutu and Sir left today for a two-week cruise in Europe so we had to party before they left.
Here I am with my Daddy. We are such pals. I love him sooooo much!
After a short swim, I hung out on the chaise. We had our first swim of the season the Sunday before but those photos are on another camera. Mommy will have to do a lost episodes on that one soon.
Ella came to Tutu and Sir's house with her Mommy and Daddy, too. I grew out of my pool floatie this year so I thought I'd share it with Ella. She loved it!
Tutu and Sir got her this awesome shady floatie, too. She had fun squeaking the flower and sitting back.
Here's a sweet picture of Ella, Aunt Marisa and Uncle Mike. What a cute family!
After swimming, Aunt Marisa decided to blow us some bubbles. Ella is a master popper and had a blast.
Get those bubbles, little missy!
Aunt Marisa looked like she was having so much fun so I wanted to try to blow bubbles, too. She has this really cool blower and showed me how to use it.
After a few tries, I got it! Check out my awesome bubbles, will ya!
Ella and I had a ball! I even took her around Tutu's yard and showed her my turtle, duck and dog. She's almost walking and I kept saying "come on, Ella" and took her by the hand.
At the end of the day, Ella and I gave each other a big fist pump. OK, so I gave the pump and Ella put out her hand but it's the thought that counts.
So Happy Father's Day, Uncle Mike, Sir and Daddy! It was fun to celebrate the amazing men that you are a week early. Let's do it again this weekend, OK?


Meg said...

What a nice afternoon with your family, Noah! Your cousin Ella is a very pretty little girl! Such fun you two will be having together in a very short time. Glad your daddy, uncle and grampa got to have a fun early Fathers' Day!

Anonymous said...

Many good wishes for Father's Day to Mike and Sir and Jeffrey! You're all the greatest dads!


Marirose said...

Noah, you and Ella had such fun together with bubbles and swimming. She is little but she loves you so much! Tutu