Monday, March 7, 2011

Congratulations, Theresa and Jeremy!

On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy went to the wedding of one of our very good friends, Theresa. She married a wonderful guy named Jeremy, whom she met on eHarmony, just like Mommy and Daddy. Cool, huh? Theresa is the youngest daughter of our good friends, Mary and Anton, with whom Mimi and Pop-Pop share their anniversary. So we've known her family for a long time and we are just like family. So it certainly was a special day for everyone. Here's a photo of the happy couple during their first dance. So sweet!
Of course, little guys like me were not invited to this adult affair, so I stayed with Tutu and Sir and even slept over. Tutu had lots of new toys for me to play with, including a neato Toy Story conveyor playset, a pirate ship and even the Batmobile. So needless to say I was in super good hands and I had a blast!
So back to the wedding. Theresa and Jeremy handmade all the flowers for the wedding. Seriously, all the flowers were made of paper and accented with buttons. It was really cool! Here's a photo of the centerpiece at the Livingston table.
Here's the table assignment board. Theresa and Jeremy used an old-school typewriter in all of their correspondence so they did the same thing at the wedding. Mommy was quite impressed being a journalist and all.
Even the guestbook was cool. They had some very old typewriters for people to write a message to the happy couple. Here are Mimi and our friend, Cam, getting into it. Good thing they know how to use a typewriter, right? I've never seen one but Mommy says they are pretty cool.
Here are some great photos from the reception. Aunt Jenn, Mimi and Mommy were ready to party.
Here's Mimi, Mommy, Pop-Pop and Great-Grammy.
Here are Mommy and Daddy enjoying a Noah-free evening. Even though it was nice to go out with adults, they missed me so much. Awww!
Hi, Mimi and Pop-Pop! You look like you had a fabulous time.
Here is a photo of Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn. That silly lady in the background giving them devil horns is Theresa's big sister, Janet. She's silly!
And here's Uncle Jon with his Grammy. She looked just lovely and had a blast.
Finally, here's a photo of all our great friends with the newlyweds. What an excellent celebration!
The next morning, Daddy went to Tutu and Sir's house to pick me up and on the way home picked up doughnuts. Much to Mommy chagrin, he promised me one. I loved it!
After breakfast, Mommy and Daddy took me to the park to play (and work off those doughnuts)! Here were are on the way. I was super excited!
I played really hard and had so much fun! Here I am on the dinosaur...
...and on the slide...
...and running across the bridge...
...and driving the "pirate ship"...
...and looking for birdies...

...and simply just hanging around.
Finally, I went for a swing on the big kid swings and didn't even fall off. It was the best!
So a great weekend was had by all! I got to spent quality time with my grandparents (thanks, Tutu and Sir), my parents got to party (whoo-hoo!) and our good friends got married (congratulations, Theresa and Jeremy...we wish you a happy, happy new life together).


Allison said...

That does sound like a great weekend!!! Such a beautiful bride and wedding. (And beautiful and handsome guests... everyone looked great!)
Plus, a kid free party? Wahoo! Noah, one day you will understand.

Meg said...

Sorry you missed the party, Noah, but it sure was a special grown up night!! You had just as much fun with your grands though so that made your time special too!