Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Maggie and Gregory!

On Saturday morning, Mommy, Daddy and I went to celebrate Maggie and Gregory's third birthday. They are my favorite buddies from preschool and it was my first school party (somehow we managed to miss a few others this past year when on vacation or out of town). In fact, if you asked me who my best friend is, I would say "Maggie." And both Gregory and Maggie greet me with a big hug every morning when I arrive at school. So seriously, how could I miss their party?
Thankfully, the weather was a bit chilly but dry so we started out playing at the park. Daddy gave me a ride on the zip line, my favorite playground pastime.
Then he gave Gregory a ride, too. At one point, Mommy had a line going as she lifted kiddo after kiddo up for a ride. So silly!
Mommy tried several times to get a good photo of all of us kids playing together but we all moved too fast for her. You gotta be super fast to catch us three-year-olds!
Here's Gregory and my other friend, Alyssa. We're all in Miss Carrie's class together. I have no idea what Gregory is pointing at. Maybe he saw Elmo or Thomas or something?
After the park, we moved to Maggie and Gregory's house for lunch and bounce house fun! I was in heaven! That's Maggie behind me. We bounced for an hour straight, I bet!
Before we knew it, it was time for cake! Hurray, my favorite part of the party!
Here are the twins with their cakes. Maggie's had princesses on hers and Gregory's had Thomas on his. So cool!
Here's Gregory with his cake and Thomas cake topper. I think he was more interested in playing than eating. His Mommy told my Mommy that he had snuck up on the counter and stole Thomas off the cake that morning. He really likes Thomas, people!
I think Maggie liked the frosting the best. She is all princess!
I attacked my piece and ate every bite. Yum!
Alyssa was a wild woman and picked up her piece and took big bites with her hands. Awesome!
Soon it was time for the fun to end and for me to go home and take a nap. Bye, Maggie and Gregory, and thanks for inviting me to your party. Happy birthday! (P.S. Thanks, Anna and Jeffrey for having us, too!)


Allison said...

A doubly fun birthday bash!! Glad you were able to be outside for much of the events with the weekend rain we had!
PS Emily's teacher is Miss Carrie too, Cool!

Meg said...

Noah, you are my pal...just attack cake, ask questions later!

Mimi said...

Boy, you had fun for sure! I love the photos and love to see you enjoying your cake.

Love you, too!