Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Visit with Pop-Pop's Big Fish

So in case you didn't know, the International Fish and Game Association declared this week that Pop-Pop's 405.2 pound yellowfin tuna did indeed break the world record for the biggest fish of its kind ever caught with bait and tackle. I mean did you have any doubts? Not me. The announcement came at the perfect time since it was the week of the Fred Hall Fishing and Game Show in Long Beach. And it was the debut of "Bob," the model of the big fish. Here's a close-up of Bob. Wow, right? Wait until you see a photo of his whole body.
Mommy was not able to make it to the show on Thursday afternoon for the official press conference but she decided to post a few photos that Mimi took. Here's one of Great-Grammy taking a look at the fish with Vagabond Captain Mike Lackey. I think she is stunned.
And here's Pop-Pop getting his official certificate from the association guy. Cool!
And here are Captain Mike and Pop-Pop with their certificates. They were so proud!
And here's a photo of the group. Aunt Jenn came down for the big event, too! So when we arrived on Saturday afternoon, we could not believe what we saw. Bob is so gorgeous and he has center stage at the official Vagabond booth. That's Captain Mike's fishing outfit.
Here I am with my Pop-Pop taking in all that is Bob. Wow!
The booth also had this neat poster of Pop-Pop and his fish...
And this sign describing the catch.
Because I'm a little guy and Pop-Pop's grandson, we snuck behind the barrier and took a close-up photo. Gotta love it!
Then Mimi arrived. I was quite in awe of Bob.
Our friends, Dele and Terry, came to see Bob, too. Here they are with Pop-Pop taking it all in.
And here's a photo of all of us in front of Bob. Just think, this thing will soon be hanging in Mimi and Pop-Pop's house for me to see anytime I want forever and ever. Mommy has already agreed to take Bob and all his press and awards when Mimi and Pop-Pop pass on. Pop-Pop says "it's in the will." Oh, boy!
OK, enough of Bob. Let's go see the rest of the show!
As Pop-Pop explained, there was "a lovefest" for him and Bob all over the show. Here's one poster we happened upon.
I even got a few trinkets to take home with me. I got a sticker and rubber ducky from a scuba outfit.
And I even got to see a fish. OK, so this one was dead and not as big as Bob but it sure was neat.
And we even did some shopping. Mimi got this hook charm from Pop-Pop's cousin, Michael, so she added a tuna charm to go with it. So now she can show off the fact that she is the wife of the best angler in the world. Pretty neat!
So then it was time for Pop-Pop and Captain Mike to give a seminar. This poster was hanging near the stage. More love for Pop-Pop and the Vagabond crew!
Pop-Pop and Captain Mike talked all about catching the world record fish and how to catch a big fish on your own. People should dream big, right?
It wasn't the most stimulating discussion for a three-year-old like me so good thing I had my magnets with me.
Here's our group watching the show.
Here's Captain Mike telling the story of the famous trip to Baja. It was neat to hear it from him first hand.
Here I am using my water drawing toy. Good thing I packed some distractions, huh?
After the seminar, I had to go give Pop-Pop a big hug. Here he is answering some more questions from a spectator.
Here's one last picture of the group before we left for the night. Pop-Pop's former co-worker, Gloria, and her husband, Ed, came down for the show, too. Gloria is actually a member of a ladies angler club. Neat!
So there you have it. Pop-Pop is definitely a rock star, Bob is really awesome, and we loved being a part of it. What an awesome afternoon! Can't wait to see Bob hanging in his place of glory in Pop-Pop and Mimi's house. He's going to be a part of our family forever!


Allison said...

What an afternoon, Noah! Wish we could have been there. Something tells me that you wouldn't have sat so nice and quiet though with Emily ready to play with you. That Bob is a BIG guy! Pop-Pop is going to have to hire someone special to hang him properly so he can never be shaken from the wall. I guess your Mama and you too someday! ;)

Meg said...

Noah, this makes you and Jack "grandrockstars" right? I have to check on "friendrockstar" criteria, sure do hope I qualify! I guess I can always be "fishrockstargroupie".

What an exciting day and now you'll have pictures to PROVE your fish stories!!

Jenn said...

It really was unique to be able to be at the show and see the fish up close and see Pop with all his fans.

Mimi said...

Noah, your Pop Pop is definitely a fishing rock star! I think the photos really tell the story. You won't forget this once-in-a-lifetime honor for your Pop Pop!!!