Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, I know St. Patrick's Day was last Thursday but we did not get a chance to celebrate until Sunday. We headed over to Tutu and Sir's house for an Irish dinner!
It was POURING rain on Sunday but that did not stop us. I was all ready for the wetness and insisted on putting on my slicker and frog boots for the car ride. Of course I fell asleep. Man, I can sleep through anything!
Tutu is the Irish one in our family. Her Mommy was a full-blooded Irish lady so that makes me about 1/8 Irish. Hey, any little bit counts! Here we are in our St. Patrick's Day shirts. Mine says "Mr. Lucky." I sure am lucky to have an Irish Tutu, that's for sure!
Aunt Marisa, Uncle Mike and Cousin Ella joined us for the festivities. Ella has grown so much since we last saw her and is talking up a storm! We played and played together and "attempted" to share all the toys.
And here I am waiting with Mommy, Daddy and Tutu to eat our dinner. Tutu made us corned beef and cabbage, of course, with homemade Irish soda bread, green jello mold and even a key lime pie for dessert. Almost everything was green!
After dinner, Sir gave Ella and I rides around the living room. Yee-haw!

What an awesome St. Patrick's Day! Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for having us! Erin go Bragh! (that's how you pronounce your allegiance to Ireland...you learn something new every day!)


Meg said...

Sure and begorrah 'tis good to be Irish!

Mimi said...

Oh you are so lucky to have such a beautiful Irish Tutu who loves you so much! Glad you had fun. We found the pot of gold when you were born!

Love you,