Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby Sister Comes Home!

 My baby sister came home from the hospital today! Mimi, Great-Grammy and I went up to our house at lunch time to get things ready for everyone to come home. After a while, Grammy and I thought we'd keep a look out for Daddy's car on the front porch. When are they going to get here? Waiting is so hard for us almost-four-year-olds.
 Soon enough, we spotted their car!
As soon as the door opened, I rushed over and gave Daddy a big hug.
 Then I jumped into the backseat and gave Mommy a big hug, too. I sure missed my Mommy and Daddy!
Then I spotted Mia.
 She was fast asleep.
 Before we went into the house, Daddy put out our "It's a Girl" sign. I guess that means she is here to stay.

I told Grammy all about Mia when we got inside. She had not seen her before today. See, Grammy, that's my baby sister.

Awww, she is so cute!
 I started to think that maybe she was OK and that maybe I could get closer.

Hey, she is not so bad at all. She is actually quite nice.

Daddy encouraged me to give her a kiss on her head.

Welcome to our house, little one. I'll show you around later.

When Mia woke up, I decided it was time to hold her. I was so much more relaxed at home than I was at the hospital. It was wonderful! And I am super proud to be Mia's big brother.

Here's a photo of our family of four. We look awesome together!

Welcome home, Mia Patricia! I am so happy you are finally here and that we are all home together at last. Let the good times begin!

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Allison said...

Yahoo!! I bet she will love watching you play all around your house, Noah! And then, all too soon, she will be following you around and playing right alongside you! It might feel crowded at first but you'll love it!