Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Learning in Preschool: November 2011

In November, my preschool class and I tapped into our creative sides. Ms. Leslie gave us lots of cool art mediums to try out and boy did we make some awesome art! Like this neat fish made with macaroni, pipe cleaners, yarn and pom-pom balls.
We also used art to practice other skills. This cute caterpillar helped me learn to paste, glue and cut as well as review the alphabet.

Colors were also talked about a lot in my class in November. Did you know that green means go, read means stop and yellow means slow down?

Mommy loves this blob painting I made. Sometimes being creative means following directions and making patterns.

This little turtle was made out of tissue paper. I took my time and glued the pieces onto his shell very carefully.

Oooo, marble painting is also very fun. I love to play with paint and see what comes out. Cutting loose and doing your own thing is the best.

We also worked on our lettering skills in November. As you can see from this paper, I traced the G, H, and Is but at the end, I wrote them on my own. I am getting so good at writing!

On this one, Ms. Leslie wrote that I am beginning to hold the writing tools really well. Awesome, huh?

And finally, I am continuing to work on writing my name and made a lot of progress.

So, November school work sure was creative and fun! In December, we are going to work on our coordination and visual skills. That means that we are going to focus on visual differences, like big and small. Stay tuned...

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Allison said...

Cool, Noah! You didn't let Pop Pop see that fish, did you? He is likely to hook it, take it home, and hang it on his wall. Okay, I guess that doesn't sound too bad - it is a lovely fishy after all!