Monday, November 14, 2011

Veterans' Day Fun

Friday was Veterans' Day and I had the day off from preschool. Unfortunately, Daddy had to work. Boo! So Mimi and Pop-Pop came up to our neck of the woods and we planned a fun day at the mall. First, we checked out my favorite thing there: the carousel! Mimi took the first turn with me. I chose the elephant.
Wheeeee! Hi, Mommy!

Then Pop-Pop and I took a ride on the kangaroo.


Hey, is that a train? That's new. Can we take a ride, please?

Score! I love trains!

Choo-choo! I loved it.

Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jon had the day off, too, so they came up to have lunch with us. Later, we found this neat painted bear. What do you think I did next?

That's right, I rode him!

I was up high and having fun!

What a fun-filled Veterans' Day I had, huh? I had these adults wrapped around my little finger. Ha ha! Thanks, everyone, for a great day!


Allison said...

Glad you had a great day, Noah! Your world is about to change SO much! In that I mean, every time an adult comes near you they will bring you a gift and say something about being a big brother... oh to be king!

Jenn said...

It was fun to come have lunch with you! I was so impressed by what a good boy you were the entire afternoon.