Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...One Day Early

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

OK, so I know it is one day early but my Mommy went into labor today so my official blog post for the holiday is from Wednesday instead of Thursday. That means that our baby is coming today! Hurray!

I came home from school today with these awesome handmade Thanksgiving art projects. And check out the Native American headband. Stylish and fesitive, right?

Here I am with my Mommy. She says that I'm going to go stay at Cousin Jack's house tonight while she and Daddy are at the hospital. Sounds like fun to me!
Here are a few more cool Thanksgiving items that I came home with. This one says "I'm thankful for my Dad and Momma." Awwww!

And here are my two Thanksgiving signs up close. The hand turkey is a keeper for sure.

And finally, I made this cute little card with the preschool staff for my baby sister.

Here's the inside. It says: "We want to welcome Baby Mia...beautiful bundle of joy! Congrats to your family! Your friends at Notre Dame." Mommy and Daddy were really touched!

After a dinner of pizza and salad at Mimi and Pop-Pop's house, Mommy's contractions got much stronger (that means the baby is coming soon) so she and Daddy were off to the hospital. Here she is settling into her room. Now the wait for our baby begins. I can't wait to finally see my baby sister and become a big brother! Stay tuned...


Meg said...

So great to have this record from the day of...big day for Noah!!

Allison said...

Wowee, Noah! A BIG day for you! You had so much to be thankful for and knew it! Hope you got some rest that night with all of your excitement!

Jenn said...

We had a great sleepover at our house with Noah!