Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Yesterday was Mommy's 37th birthday! (Note from Mommy: sigh) Daddy sent her these beautiful flowers at work.
And Daddy and I got Mommy this awesome artwork frame for her to show off my pictures at work. We also got her two for our house. (Note from Mommy: These frames are so cool! The front opens on a hinge and lets you store up to 50 pieces inside. So I can rotate my favorite drawings, paintings and more by my favorite little artist. Thanks, Jeff and Noah!)
That night we went to Mommy's favorite Mexican restaurant. Tutu, Sir, Aunt Nora, Mimi and Pop-Pop came, too. Little did we know that it was Mexican Independence Day so they had a live Mariachi group and Happy Hour all night long with $4 margaritas. (Note from Mommy: Score!) Here I am checking out the band. Do you guys know "Banana" or "Twinkle, Twinkle"?
I especially loved the big guitar. You guys are awesome! (Note from Mommy: These guys were awesome! What a treat! They even serenaded me with "Volver, Volver" which happens to be Tutu and my favorite Spanish song.)
Of course I had already eaten dinner so I spent my time drawing with my Sponge Bob watercolors. Mimi helped.
Here I am with the birthday girl and Daddy, too. I was getting restless so I went for a walk with Mimi and later Sir.
Then it was time for birthday flan. Mommy got to wear this silly sombrero and the Mariachis came back to sing "Happy Birthday." I was too shy to sing.
Here I am getting ready to help Mommy blow out the candle.
One more shot with the sombrero. Mommy tried to get me to try it on but I said, "No way, Jose!" I also said no to trying flan. It looked funny to me, people. (Note from Mommy: Oh, good, more flan for me!)
Well there you have it. A perfect celebration for my favorite lady. Happy birthday, Mommy! I love you! (Note from Mommy: Thanks, everyone, for the great party, dinner and gifts. And thanks, Jeff and Noah, for being such wonderful guys. Even though you are stinky boys most of the time, I still love you both with all my heart! My greatest gifts are always the two of you.)


Allison said...

That is a very sweet ending to a very fun post. Cheapo margarita night?! SCORE is right! Hope you had a fabuloso day and evening!! Those frames ARE cool!

Meg said...

Oops! Belated happy birthday, Noah's mommy! How fun that you all went out to celebrate on a week night! I think that always makes it more fun! Love those big guitars too!

Marirose said...

Your mommy is so much fun Noah. She loves to do fun things, especially with you and your daddy. We love your mommy lots. Tutu and Sir

Anonymous said...

Another Happy Birthday wish to my beautiful daughter! Ali, you are a wonderful mother and daughter and I love you so much!


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Ali! We love you!