Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Visit with Emily Rose

After a difficult day on Saturday, I was so looking forward to a visit with our friend Emily Rose. She came up from Orange County to Jack's house for a fun-filled morning. Here I am giving Emily a hug. So nice to see you again!
And she came bearing gifts! She and her Mommy, Allison, made Jack and I home-made graham crackers with the letters of our name. Nice!
Here I am checking out my cookies. N-O-A-H...that spells "Noah!" Neat!
Emily had some that spelled her name, too.
Jack ate most of his and even tried to negotiate some letter trading. Silly, Jack!
Then we ventured outside before it got too hot. Here's Emily calling us to play.
I found this football in the wagon.
Emily rode Jack's tricycle.
And we all took a walk on the artistic side. I drew with some chalk.
And Emily and Jack did some drawing with markers with Aunt Jenn on the other side.
Emily and I especially liked the sand box. I, of course, found a whole in the middle and poured the sand out. That's how I roll. Sorry, Uncle Jon.
Then we moved inside. Emily and her Daddy, Paul, tried out Jack's Yo Gabba Gabba computer. They were counting beats in this picture.
And I grabbed Uncle Jon's nose with this grabber toy.
Emily and I also had fun cooking different things in Jack's Elmo microwave. The chicken was delicious! Not so sure I care for airplane fritatta, though.
Then it was time for a walk. We held hands to be safe.
Allison lead the way.
And Mimi, Pop-Pop and Daddy held up the rear. We were quite a sight. Hey, is that a paparazzi? Those guys are everywhere!
Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. We said good-bye to our beautiful friend Emily, as well as her parents Allison and Paul, and promised to see each other again really soon. What fun to have Emily so close by. I predict many more play dates in our future.
As you can see, my friends wore me out and I was out like a light by the time we hit the freeway. Hee, hee!


Jenn said...

Thanks for coming over -- looks like the playdate worked and you fell asleep quick. Hopefully, that meant mom and dada got a break too.

Allison said...

Asleep?! Man! I love all of your pictures! You got some great ones of a fun fun time! So good to see you all again. Noah, Emily thinks you are one cool guy. See you soon!!

Meg said...

Hey! Looks like I missed a fun party! Would love to see you three in live action. Maybe someday soon? The caravan thru the neighborhood made me smile...glad there WERE paparazzi. Thanks, Noah, for trying to get the gang into the wagon for a replay of the picture from 9-09! I REALLY hoped for that!