Sunday, September 5, 2010

Operation Potty: No Dice

On Saturday, we began what was supposed to be a three-day intensive potty training adventure. See, I have to be potty trained to move to the three-year-old class at daycare but so far, I've been wearing pull-ups for a few months with very little interest in going pee-pee or poo-poo in the potty. We have just a few weeks before daycare wants to move me to Miss Toni's preschool class so we needed to get serious. So Mommy and Daddy moved the potty to the living room so it would be super accessible. I got an awesome new potty chart.
And I donned a pair of my new underwear. These have The Incredibles on them. I was ready.
I watched some shows while I waited for the urge to go.
And played with my magnets, too.
When it was time to sit and try to go, Daddy entertained me by making my lovie into a super cape.
I tried my underwear on as a hat.
And even had a snack.
Now here's the sad part. I did not go in the potty. Not even once all day. I would sit and sit and try but as soon as I stood up, I would go. I dirtied at least seven pairs of undies throughout the day. Mommy lost track after five. So Mommy, Daddy and I tried really, really hard but no dice. I even sat after having a dry diaper after my nap for about an hour and a half but I couldn't go in the potty.
So after an incredibly trying and exhausting day, we have decided that I am simply not ready to be potty trained. Mommy says that I am just one of those kids that does things in his own time. Remember, I did not walk until I as almost 16 months. My friend Meg from Texas says that no kids come to first grade in a diaper and Pop-Pop says I will be potty trained in time for my wedding no problem so I know I have time for this. I'm just not ready. So I guess I'll have to spend some more time in Miss Kitty's class and hopefully I will realize that my friends are gone and that will be my motivation. Who knows?
So Operation Potty was a bust and I'm back to my good old pull-ups...for now! But I am still the cutest and sweetest boy on the block. That must count for something.


Jenn said...

Love all the photos -- thanks to Mama for taking us on this journey with you. If only the potty really invovled the TV, fun capes and snacks! More kids would learn to use the potty sooner. No worries, Noah - you'll figure it out.

Allison said...

What a day! What a great collection of pictures too. All in good time Noah... all in good time.

Meg said...

Echo! Just not worth the nightmare for parents and child!

Anonymous said...

This has got to be one of the most hilarious entries on the blog! Snacks, tv, and a potty in the living room! It's all going to come together soon, Noah. Just go with the flow! Love you all -

Marirose said...

I agree with Pop Pop Noah. As long as you are potty trained by your wedding day it's all ok. And you are the sweetest little boy on the planet too. One of these days you'll just get it. Love you, Tutu