Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Heart My Family!

Happy Wednesday! Mommy wanted to share a few more photos that Mimi took at her birthday party on Sunday. Here's a great one of Mommy, Uncle Jon and me. Did you know Uncle Jon is Mommy's brother? I don't know about that.
And here's a great one with Cousin Jack, too. We are all saying "cheese."
And not to leave Cousin Ella out, here's an awesome one Mimi took of her and her Daddy, my Uncle Mike. Adorable!
Thanks, Mimi, for sharing these wonderful photos. I love my family!


Meg said...

Mimi did a fabulous job! I love all the pix!

Anonymous said...

I love the smiles and the hugginess of the pix! We are just one big happy family!!!

Love from