Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun at Great-Grammy's House

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. We've had pretty quiet weekends lately so there hasn't been much to blog about. But I thought I'd give you a small taste of what I've been up to. Last, last Sunday, Great-Grammy made us a wonderful meatloaf dinner. Cousin Jack was sick with the flu so it was just me, Mommy, Daddy, Mimi and our friend, Terry. Grammy got Jack and I a cool stocking caps so I had fun modeling it. I think the price tag sticking out makes it even more awesome. I mean come on, this hat is the best, right? Hey, I think I look a bit like my Christmas rapping mouse friend. We could be a duo. Can anyone say Slim Shady?
Then Daddy and I decided to form our own band (OK, so it was more of a group, really). I think we are ready for the big time.

Here's a little video of our performance. I know, don't quit your day job, kid.

Thanks, Grammy, for dinner. It was delicious and I had a blast just being three!

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Allison said...

Sounds like a lovely evening. Glad to see you are getting some down time on the weekends, Noah.