Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Fourth Birthday Party!

Today was my fourth birthday party! Hooray, I'm four!
We had a Toy Story 3 theme. My cake had both Buzz and Woody on it. So awesome!
We had a pretty quiet family party at our house since my baby sister is still so small. Cousin Jack and I played with Daddy's Transformer while we waited for dinner. Yes, Daddys have toys, too. At least at our house they do!
Everyone had a great time. Here's Sir and Daddy chatting it up.
Soon it was time for cake! I got ready for the singing and candle blowing.
Happy birthday to ME! I love that song.
Here I am blowing out the candles. There were four since I am four.
Then it was time to open presents.
Jack "helped" me, of course. Here are a few highlights. We both loved this dinosaur from Mimi and Pop-Pop.
It roars and moves and everything! Neato!
I was also introduced to Star Wars by Tutu and Sir. Luke Skywalker and Yoda, huh? Interesting...
How many adults does it take to put together the Millennium Falcon? Apparently three.
Gosh, Pop-Pop even had to put on his glasses for this one.

I also got a camera from Mommy and Daddy, a Batman car from Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn, a Maui T-shirt from Auntie Da and Uncle Jimmy and a big bag of goodies and money from Great-Grammy Mary. Wow, right?
Finally, we took some family photos. Here's one with all the Livingstons...
And here's one with all the Dirstines.
 You're probably wondering what little Mia did during the party. She slept most of the time and everyone had a blast holding and snuggling her. Cute!
Wow, what an awesome fourth birthday I had! Roar! Let's do it again next year...

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Allison said...

How fun, Noah! That dinosaur always looks really cool in the store and now you have one of your own! Happy Happy Birthday!