Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brunch with Santa

 Today we went to Tutu and Sir's country club for the annual Brunch with Santa. We all love this event and get all dressed up in our Christmas duds. Tutu and I were looking particularly festive, don't you think?
 First we all sat down to have a yummy brunch. I had waffles, eggs, fruit...
...and of course dessert!
 Uncle Mike, Aunt Marisa and Cousin Ella came, too!
Soon it was time for the "big guy" to arrive. Tutu and I stood in line for our turn to meet with Santa. I spied him out of the corner of my eye. I'm not so sure about this guy, Tutu.
And of course by the time it was my turn, I was having nothing to do with Santa. I cried as soon as Tutu came within two feet of him. This was as close as I was going to get. Hmmm, déjà vu, maybe? Even though I did not sit on your lap, Santa, I still want you to bring me a big boy Lego set, OK?
Since Mia is so small, Mommy thought it best for her to steer clear of Santa this year. This is as close as she was willing to get. Smart move, Mommy. That guy is shifty!

Even though I obviously still harbor negative emotions about Santa, I was not about to turn down a gift from him. I'm cautious but not crazy, people. He gave me a little Transformers airplane that I loved. I also got these nifty wooden cars from Cousin Ella for my birthday. I loved taking them apart and putting them back together again, which I did about 50 times.
Ella, on the other hand, loved Santa. She sat on his lap and told him exactly what she wanted for Christmas. Here she is playing with the princesses he gave her.
So even though I did not enjoy the Santa part, we still had a blast at the brunch. Thanks for inviting us, Tutu and Sir!
After brunch, we went over to Tutu and Sir's house to see the decorations. Ella and I both love her animated Nutcracker Suite. I'm sure we would have stood there all day and pressed the "play" button over and over if the adults didn't drag us away.
Before we left, Ella and I took our traditional picture on Tutu's garden bridge.
Cousins are the best!

So I guess the holidays are officially here! I can't wait for Christmas to be here...

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Allison said...

How cute you are, Noah! I particularly love the pictures of you and Ella on the bridge. Just think, next year Mia is going to be a "big girl" at the brunch. I wonder if she will love Santa or shy away. And, I wonder if you will like him. We'll see...