Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn

Today we celebrated Uncle Jon (December 19) and Aunt Jenn's (December 15) birthdays! We all went to Great-Grammy Mary's house for a big spaghetti dinner. 

But the best part came after dinner. Grammy pulled out her old shake maker and made us all shakes! Neat, huh? Aunt Jenn helped.
Jack LOVED his shake. Grammy even had special glasses for us to drink out of.
Yummy! Can we have another one?
This is the unfortunate face of a 35 year-old. You are getting so old, Uncle Jon! Hee, hee!
Aunt Jenn, you don't look a day over 21. 35 looks great on you for sure!
After our shakes, Jack and I caught a bit of Yo Gabba Gabba. We love sharing a chair.
And what did my little sister do? She slept most of the time, of course.
Soon it was time for cake! The birthday kids got ready to blow out the candles...
Oh, boy! We hope you both made good wishes. Mia wasn't too happy about the candle blowing. Maybe she didn't like our singing.
Then Mimi re-lit the candles and Jack and I took a turn, too! Candle blowing is so much fun!

So happy birthday, Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn! I hope your birthdays were extra special! We love you both!


Allison said...

I hope they had very happy birthdays indeed! But all I know after this post, Noah, is that I REALLY want a shake!

Meg said...

How exciting to have a shake from a vintage shake machine! You are so lucky that Grammy spoils all of you! Spaghetti, shakes AND cake!! What a party!