Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Claus Came to Our House!

 Today is Christmas Day! Hurray! 

Santa Claus came to our house last night and brought everyone a bunch of awesome gifts. I also had gifts for everyone, including this neato macaroni ornament that I made in school. Mommy and Daddy loved it!
As soon as I woke up, I dug right into the gifts. This is the face of an overwhelmed boy, I tell ya!
Here's a closer look at the chaos. Yikes!
I sure had fun! I got a really neat Matchbox car ramp that you attach to the wall (more on that gift soon) from Mommy and Daddy, my annual ornament (I got a Noah's Ark one and one with the year on it) and a big boy set of Legos from Santa (just like I asked for).
I also got new "clothes" for my Mr. Potato.
Now he can be a policeman. Cool! By the way, check out my awesome Santa jammies, huh?
Here's the first thing Daddy and I built with my new Legos. It's a helicar! I'm such an inventor!
I also got a stocking full of great gifts from Santa.
It had a card from the Big Guy in it just for me. Santa thanked me for being such a good boy and hoped that I loved my new Legos. By the way, Santa actually called me last week! He hoped that I was being a good big brother, eating all my food and going to the potty all by myself. I told him I was! Awesome, right?
Here are a few things from my stocking. A PEZ with a car on top...
...and this neato bug. It buzzes and zooms across any surface. I love it! I also got some Squinkies, the world's smallest cars I've ever seen.
I bet you are wondering what Mia did during all this present opening. She slept through most of it (Are you seeing a pattern here? I sure am. Boy, babies sleep A LOT!) so Mommy helped her open her gifts. She got a glowing seahorse that plays music from Mommy and Daddy and a talking/singing puppy from Santa. It will teach her all kinds of cool stuff when she gets a little bit bigger. She also got her first official ornament (a cute Winnie the Pooh one for baby's first Christmas) and a card from Santa just like me.

Wow, opening presents sure is fun! We are now off to Tutu and Sir's house for Christmas Day fun with the Dirstines! 

P.S. Mommy apologizes for not having pictures of all the festivities at Tutu and Sir's house (she was busy feeding Mia during the present opening and Daddy was busy helping me open the presents). So I thought I'd give you the highlights. I got a Leap Pad (kinda like my own little iPad), a couple of cool Captain America toys and a Toy Story Blaster from Tutu and Sir. Mia got a super cute outfit from Tutu and Sir (she thinks she will wear it to her Sip 'N See in a few weeks). Mia and I also got a neat Advent book from Uncle Mike, Aunt Marisa and Cousin Ella. Aaron, Aunt Nora and Grumpy also joined us for the fun Mommy hopes she can track down some photos from someone else's camera soon...Stay tuned!

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Allison said...

Wow! That was a big and busy day FULL of lots of goodies! Merry Christmas to you, indeed!