Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh, Boy, It's Christmas Eve!

Oh, boy, today is Christmas Eve! Our stockings are hung and ready for Santa and everything! We even got a new stocking for Mia. I guess she is really a part of our family now.

Soon we were off to Mimi and Pop-Pop's house to celebrate Christmas Eve with the Livingstons...
 Jack and I started out the night decorating Christmas cookies. Great-Grammy Mary brought all the stuff for us to do it.
 I was really good at using the icing.
These look pretty good if I do say so myself.
Here are my finished products. I ate most of them pretty quickly.
Jack was very meticulous about putting his icing on. He followed the patterns exactly.
Soon it was time for presents! Oh, boy! Our friend Terry supervised.
Wow, look at this neat pad of construction paper! You know how I love to draw and color.
I also loved this Peter Pan pop-up book. Thanks, Mimi and Pop-Pop!
Jack got lots of cool stuff, too!
What's in this one? I love presents!

Some other gift highlights include matching Spiderman action figures (Jack and I flew them around the room and had a blast), a neat retro set of wooden blocks, clothes, money and games.
Here are some of the adults opening presents, too. Everyone got some awesome gifts! We gave everyone framed photos of Mia and me and a cool calendar with our pictures in it. They loved them!
Of course Mia was there, too, it being her first Christmas and all. She was looking quite cute in her Christmas sleeper. Merry First Christmas, little sister!
Lots of pictures were taken by all of the adults but Mommy was busy part of the time feeding Mia and Daddy was busy helping me open presents so unfortunately Mommy had less pictures to post. Oh, well. But we thought we would leave you with a great family photo of the four of us. Pretty cute!

So now I have to go home and go to sleep so that Santa will come tomorrow morning! Thanks, Mimi and Pop-Pop, for a great Christmas Eve! And thanks, everyone, for all the presents and fun! Stay tuned for more Christmas adventures...

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Allison said...

Oh boy! That looked like a really fun evening! I hope you went to sleep quick and that Christmas day is at LEAST that good!