Saturday, November 28, 2009

Living It Up in La Quinta: Day 1

Yesterday Dada had to work so Tutu and Sir came to pick Mama and I up and we headed out to La Quinta to stay at their desert house for a mini vacation. Dada drove in after work but I was already asleep when he arrived.
On the way, we stopped at Bob's Big Boy, one of my new favorite places. As we were pulling up I had already spied Bob out front and proceeded to get extremely excited so we had to take a photo.
Here I am chowing down on my lunch: you guessed it, mac 'n cheese!
We got to La Quinta just in time for the annual tree lighting ceremony at La Quinta Resort & Spa. (Note from Mama: This is one of the best spas I've ever been to. They have private outdoor bathtubs with whirlpool jets and an umbrella over the top. Heavenly!) Here I am with Sir before the big event. I can hardly contain my excitement!
And here I am with Tutu and Sir after the switch was thrown. Wow, let's go for a closer look...
Oooo, even more amazing close up! I even touched it and smelled it. It smelled like Christmas to me!
And on the way out, we did some window shopping. I want that one and this one and one of those, too! Oooo, are those!
Tonight we are going out to celebrate Dada's birthday. Stay tuned...


Allison said...

What a lucky little boy you are Noah! I want to go to that spa and eat all of that macaroni! YUMM!

Meg said...

That sounds like a FUN mini vacation! Pretty tree and looks just a little cold enough to feel like Christmas. Hope you get all the books you can think of from Santa and all the families that love you!

Marirose said...

Noah Bear,
Next year we'll catch Santa parachuting out of the helicopter!! You were such a good boy the whole time and you really loved listening to the guitar player at the tree lighting. Great memories for us all. Tutu