Thursday, November 12, 2009

My First Trip to the Zoo

Hi, everyone!

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and my daycare was closed in honor of all the men and women who have served our country in the military. So Mama and Dada took the day off, too, and we decided to do something fun. It was a lovely fall day in L.A. so we went to the zoo. It was my first trip there so I was very excited. Here are Dada and I out front...oh, boy, this is going to be great!
Here are Mama and I at the meerkat exhibit. Look at how they are all sitting on the top of the rock. I thought they were amazing!
Wow, are those monkeys? Neat! I got to practice my "ooo, ooo, oos" and "eee, eee, ees." I also loved seeing the tigers (I did a great "roar" for Mama) and the gazelles that stand on their hind legs to reach leaves on the trees. I even found time to take a nap in my stroller. A boy's got to sleep, right?
We got an annual pass while we were there so we will see a lot of the zoo over the next year. I can hardly wait! Can we go back next week? Just thought I'd ask...


Allison said...

Awesome, Noah!! What a fun day you had. What a lucky boy to get a day off mid-week and take Mama and Dada on a trip to the zoo! I have to say though that I am very jealous that you took a nap in your stroller. I think you have some things to teach Emily Rose.

Anonymous said...

That's exciting to talk to the monkeys, I bet they were happy to see you there, Noah! I hope you do get to go next weekend again and take advantage of the great weather in the fall! Seems like all God's creatures like cooler weather, huh?
Love ~meg

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! Sending you lots of love from Pittsburgh -
Mimi and Pop Pop