Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Visit from the Dirstines

Since I wasn't able to make the Dirstine family pre-Thanksgiving party yesterday, they brought the party to me today. Hooray! I was most excited to have Aunt Darlene and Aunt Nora for a visit. Aunt Darlene was visiting from Miami where she is going to school. Cool!
Here is a photo of all of us Dirstines: Dada, Aunt Darlene, Aunt Nora, Tutu and Sir, Can you see the family reslembance? OK, so I have Mama's blue eyes and blonde hair but I still fit right in.
Then Aunt Nora let me use her iPhone. I had to call China. I kept saying "hello" and everyone laughed.
Then she showed me how to take photos with her phone. So you point this at Tutu and it takes her picture? Awesome!
I liked Aunt Nora's phone so much that I decided that I would keep it...
Then she traded me it for this cool stuffed gingerbread man that Tutu brought for me. Somehow I forgot all about the phone and sat right down with my new friend in my egg chair. I'm sure Aunt Nora is relieved that toddlers have short attention spans.
So I'm feeling almost full strength now. The visits from my wonderful family over the last few days sure have helped. Thanks, guys!
Have a super week, everyone, and a very happy Thanksgiving. We're going to Great-Grammy Mary's house so I'll be sure to post all about it...


Allison said...

Wow, you were a regular social butterfly this weekend! You know you are loved when everyone comes to YOU, Noah. What a star!

Meg said...

glad you're feeling better and ready for ARE ready for turkey, RIGHT?!?!?! Will you give Grammy Mary a BIG hug from me, Noah? Thanks, Bud!
Have a happy day with lots of family around again!
Love ~meg