Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Trip to Mommy's Office

After my field trip, Mommy and I decided to take a trip down to her office a Braille Institute so she could show me off. I even got to sit in her chair and everything.
I got to check in with some of her co-workers, too. Here's Courtney from Mommy's Public Education office. She showed me the cool artwork frame Mommy has on display. Hey, I made that one!
I liked Courtney a lot. She spun me around and around and made me laugh.
Then I stopped off in Scott's office. Scott and Courtney are married. Neat, huh? He had this neato robot dog. I pushed the button about 50 times.
Here's Scott showing me how it works. Thanks for playing with me, Scott. Now get back to work, you! Did I sound like I own the place? That's what I was going for.
Mommy and I made it almost all the way around the building. No one could believe how big I was getting or how well I speak for an almost three-year-old. What can I say, I'm a peach! Most people also thought it was funny to see Mommy as a mommy and not just a nice lady they work with. I also took home a bunch of cool things people had laying around their offices, including a glow stick (plus a few more for Halloween...they were about to expire anyways), a duckie basket, bubbles and a pop-up book. It was like going to a flea market. Cool!
So another awesome but busy day! What a treat to be off in the middle of the week and to spend a great day with Mommy and Daddy. Let's do it again tomorrow...


Allison said...

That is hilarious, Noah! Way to take those people for all they had! A toddler smile and some genuine excitement will win them over EVERY time - good job making it work for you! Sounds like a great day!

Marirose said...

I'm sure you were the bright spot in their day! Maybe in their whole week! Maybe in their whole month! Oh, let's go for their whole year!!! Love you, Tutu

Meg said...

That's always such a fun thing to do and when you're older, you'll remember these trips for a LONG time! Always a special outing!

Jeffrey said...

I'm so proud of my boy being so comfortable around people. He makes me proud.