Monday, October 11, 2010

Photos from Daddy's Phone Camera

Mommy and Daddy had a much deserved night out on Friday (Note from Mommy: Noah's daycare offers this about once a month, God bless them). They were having a nice dinner and thinking about little old me (can you blame them? I AM adorable, you know!). Daddy showed Mommy the collection of photos he has accumulated on his phone of little me and he send Mommy a few wonderful ones to share on my blog.
This first one is from last week after we got back from the pumpkin patch. I'm still wearing my Notre Dame T-shirt. Mommy likes this one because I now ask almost every day "We go to pumpkin patch?" Cute, huh? I hope we can go back know how much I love pumpkins!
Daddy's not sure which trip to the park this one is from but Mommy adores it. My asking "We go to swings?" is also a daily occurrence around our house. Mommy keeps saying it's too hot to go. Is over 90 degrees too hot? I guess I'll have to keep asking, then.


Allison said...

Those are some winners! Such a cute picture of you on the swing, Noah!!

Meg said...

I love the swing picture too, Noah! Needs to be framed for the grands who love you so much! How fun for Mommy and Daddy to have a little date while you kept playing with your pals!