Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday (and Retirement), Tutu!

Yesterday was my Tutu's 60th birthday! Sir and Aunt Nora threw her a big party at their house to celebrate! We also celebrated Tutu's retirement, too, since we were so busy during the summer. So it was a big day!
Mimi and Pop-Pop had a super idea for a gift for Tutu: a rocking chair that all the party goers could sign. Neat, huh?
Here we are presenting Tutu with her gift. She was so touched!
Daddy and I had fun touring the backyard while everyone ate appetizers and visited. Here we are taking a quick rest break on a bench.
I knew quite a few of Tutu's guests. Like our good friend Dele and Aunt Marisa.
Great-Grammy and Aunt Nora sat with us!
And even Aunt Mary and Great-Grandma Betty made it for the festivities.
Cousin Ella and I played for a while inside with our Learning Home. Ella knows all about it. I was a good cousin and showed her all the bells and whistles.
Here's Ella going through the door. Cute!
I spent quite a while tickling the ivories.

And guess what? Mommy finally caught me singing the ABC song. Ha, ha! It's a bit hard to hear because there was quite a bit of background noise. Enjoy!
After dinner, it was time for some entertainment! Sir started things off with a very nice speech for Tutu.
Aunt Marisa did a beautiful hula dance for her Mom. She even choreographed it! And the ukulele player is her teacher. We were treated to his playing all evening and he played live just for Marisa's performance. Pretty special, huh?
Here's a little bit of Marisa's dance. It was just lovely and everyone was so impressed by her amazing hula skills. She is quite a master!
I just love my Tutu! Here I am giving her some love as only her favorite grandson can do. Are you sure you're 60? You don't look a day over 29 in my book.
Then it was time for cake! Hooray! Here's Tutu with her gorgeous cake. It was delicious!
All good things must come to and end. One last picture of our family. I think the babies look a bit was quite an evening!
Happy birthday and retirement, Tutu! You are the bestest Tutu and I am so lucky to be your grandson. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Noah, you are the best gift your Tutu could have! It was a wonderful party! I especially loved your rendition of the ABC Song. Great performance!

Love you

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Marirose! It looked like a great party!

Allison said...

That was quite a party, Noah! Your Tutu has a lot of people who love her!!

Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Thank you Noah for your wonderful ABC song and thank your mommy for taking such terrific pictures too! It was an evening I will treasure in my heart forever as I rock gently in my beautiful new rocker. Thank you Mimi. You are the best too! love you all, Tutu