Monday, October 4, 2010

Budding Creativity

This weekend, we had some strange weather. It was sunny, then raining, then thundering then very, very humid. While we did get a chance to visit with Tutu and Sir on Saturday afternoon, I spent most of the weekend playing at home and making the most of my art supplies. I colored numerous Halloween pictures on my easel on Saturday morning. I got this big coloring book last week and had a blast!
Then yesterday, I turned my easel around and made many, many chalk drawings. I had so much fun drawing, sometimes with both hands. And I had just as much fun erasing my drawings as I did creating them (and putting my chalky hands all over the furniture and Mommy's pants). What can I say, I love being creative!

So tomorrow is my very first field trip at school and Mommy and Daddy are both going to chaperon. I can't wait! Stay tuned...


Allison said...

A field trip?! Both parents along for the fun?! Wowee Noah, I CAN'T wait to hear all about it and see pics! Maybe you could do a drawing of your favorite part on your easel too.

Marirose said...

We love your art work Noah! I have saved all of your wonderful colorings in a special binder, but your Halloween one is on the wall in our front hallway on full display! You keep us in the spirit of the season. Love you, Tutu and Sir