Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boo at the Zoo!

Happy Halloween!
On Sunday morning, Jack and I spent some time at the good old L.A. Zoo. As you know, we are GLAZA members and we get lots of free passes for our family and friends each year. So since the Zoo was doing some fun stuff for Halloween, we invited Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Cousin Jack to join us. Jack and I rode all over the Zoo in style in our bike stroller. We were ready for some Halloween fun!
The Zoo had set up several trick-or-treat stations throughout the animal exhibits. Here I am practicing my skills with a Zoo volunteer. I got really good at saying "trick-or-treat" and "thank you."
Gotta be sharp for later when I trick-or-treat for real. Thanks, nice lady. Love your costume!
They even had a pumpkin patch. Jack and I sat still for a few minutes to take a few photos. I decided not to wear my Brobee costume to the Zoo (didn't want to get it dirty). As you can see, Jack wore some awesome Batman jammies and wanted me to wear the Superman jammies that came with them (it was a two-pack). I politely declined and stuck with my "The Creature from Next Door" T-shirt.
The Zoo staff was also doing pumpkin carving demonstrations throughout the day. Are these neat or what?
After the trick-or-treating practice, Jack and I decided to wear our shades. Except that Jack wanted to wear my shades so we traded. So we wore each other's shades. That's how we roll.
We wore those sunglasses for most of the day. Hey, Mr. Komodo dragon. Do you wear sunglasses, too? You look like a RayBan Aviator guy to me.
Here's a failed attempt at a photo with our Mommies in a cute little graveyard set up in the Australia area. Oh, well. You can't always count on magic from us toddlers.
Then we decided to check out a few animals before lunch. The gorillas were all posing on the grass eating snacks. Mommy asked me what they were eating and I said, "fruit."
So then Jack and I had to have a snack, too. I wonder if gorillas like Cheerios...
Here are Mommy and I checking out the mountain goats. Love those guys!
And here I am checking out some more animals with Daddy. Mommy loves this photo because you can really see how alike we look. Boy does she love her boys!
So, a fun Halloween morning was had by all! I better get a nap in before the trick-or-treating starts. More Halloween fun to come...


Jenn said...

We had such a good time. We are going to ask for an invite again next year!

Meg said...

Noah, I can see Halloween is YOUR holiday! Never saw so many BIG smiles from you in one post! Isn't it great you and Jack could sit together in your limo and see the zoo in style!?

Allison said...

I agree... you are one happy little boy! Living it up at the zoo, marching around in parade...
Love seeing all of this!