Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Finally the afternoon of Halloween was here! Trick-or-treating is just a few hours away!

We decided to invite all of my grandparents up to our house for the festivities. Mimi, Pop-Pop and Great-Grammy arrived first. Mimi and I played with my "Yo Gabba Gabba" play stage.
Then we read a new Halloween book that she brought me. It's called "One Oogly Eye" and we had a fun time saying the title in our best scary voices. Aren't Mimis the best!
After dinner, it was finally dark enough to put on my costume for the big event: trick-or-treating! Hey, it still fits!
I was so excited and I was all smiles! Yeah, Brobee!

Here's a little video of me practicing saying Happy Halloween. Enjoy!
Even Mommy got into the act. She wore a T-shirt that said "Boo" and a purple witch's hat. Spooky!
Off we go! I made sure to carry my special Halloween lantern from Grammy just in case we ran into any dark alleys.
And I had my special pumpkin treat bag with my name right on it. I approached my first house...
Success! I got some treats! By the way, I had quite an entourage with me on my adventure. One of our neighbors said he'd never seen seven adults and just one kid trick-or-treating before. Welcome to my family, dude! The paparazzi follows me everywhere! Hi, Tutu and Mimi! Pop-Pop, Sir and Grammy came along, too! We WERE quite a sight!
Off to the next house. Don't forget to hold your Mommy's hand when you cross the street.
This guy had scary music and lots of fun decorations in his yard. Cool! Thanks for the treats!
Mommy was my door helper and she says I got really good at saying "trick-or-treat," "happy Halloween" and "thank you" at every door. Am I polite or what!
Just a few houses more. I'm getting kind of tired.
Thanks, nice neighbor! Cool jack-o-lanterns!
By the way, one of my neighbors thought I was so cute in my costume that she took a picture of me. Gotta love it!
Off to the last house. Boy, I hope I get to eat some of these treats. (Note from Mommy: Not a chance, little dude!)

Well, I'd call this a pretty successful, fun and exciting Halloween! What a day I had, huh? Let's do it again next year...or even tomorrow would be fine by me!


Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Noah, it was the best Halloween ever!! You were amazing saying "Happy Halloween" and "Trick or Treat" and especially "thank you" to everyone who gave you candy. We were quite an entourage all right and none of us would have missed it for anything. We love you so much, Tutu and Sir

Meg said...

Excellent report on your first big Halloween experience! I'm glad you have a large entourage to get these wonderful pictures! I really like your costume too, you're much more handsome than the guy on TV!

Allison said...

I think I know what that entourage looked like... I think I saw something like it on a walk once! ;) What a BIG Halloween weekend you had, Noah! I am glad you had SOOOOO much fun. Also, don't feel too bad about the candy... Emily's mama said a big N-O too. :)