Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast at Notre Dame

Today was the annual Thanksgiving Feast at my preschool! Mommy was off this week from work so she came to help out my teachers.
She also volunteered to make cookies for the feast. She found an awesome turkey cookie recipe and made about 4 dozen of these suckers for the feast and Thanksgiving day, too. If you hadn't noticed, the shape of the turkey is my right hand. Mommy painstakingly cut out each cookie by hand using a template of my hand then decorated them. It took all day but it was worth it. Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen? And they taste delicious, too.
Anywoo, when Mommy arrived, Miss Kitty and Miss Kiran had us all dressed up in our Native American outfits. I wore mine the entire time, even when I ate lunch. I was so proud.
Here I am with my class waiting for the food to be served. We were starving and getting quite anxious.
While we waited, my friend Gregory and I posed for a photo in our outfits. We had on the same Thanksgiving T-shirt that day. I guess great Mommy minds think alike.
Finally lunch was served! Dig in, kiddos! Here's my side of the table enjoying the feast.
And here's the other side. Yummy! We had everything from turkey to sweet potatoes to corn casserole to pumpkin pie, made by all the parents. I stuck to the fruit and took a few bites of sweet potatoes. No one ate the turkey, by the way. The adults thought we were crazy.
This is Ethan. He had his own table since he is the littlest member of our class. Mommy thinks he is adorable.
After the feast, Miss Kitty gave us the place mat I made to take home for my Thanksgiving dinner. Cute, huh?
So tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Hooray! Stay tuned for all the details from our family dinner...


Allison said...

Looks like fun and what a nice mommy you have to make all of those cookies!!

Anonymous said...

I think you Tutu has been a big inspiration for your Mommy, Noah! Those cookies are fabulous! Way to go, Mommy.

Looks like you had so much fun with your friends. You look so cute in your outfit!

Happy Thanksgiving, Noah!
Love you -

Meg said...

Well what a great guy to try the sweet potatoes. That party looked like lots of fun and the whole tribe was darling!