Monday, November 8, 2010

First Trip to La Quinta: Children's Museum

We took our very first trip of the season to La Quinta with Tutu and Sir this weekend. Hooray! After a long and hot summer that pretty much ended last weekend, it was finally cool enough to enjoy what I call Tutu's Desert House. On Saturday, it was a super nice day. Tutu and Sir went golfing so Mommy, Daddy and I decided to check out the Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert. It's in Rancho Mirage which is just a few miles west of La Quinta. When we arrived, I knew right away that I was in for a fun morning.
One of my first discoveries was this awesome electronic harp. When you wave your hand in front to the sensors, it plays music. And you can change the tones to everything from piano to kids cheering. Pretty cool.
They also had this pulley ride. I got myself all strapped in and ready to try it out with Daddy's help.
Whee! Up we go. What a ride!
At this discovery station, I learned all about magnets.
And at this one, I built a tower with blocks.
Daddy made a tower, too. His even had stairs.
At this station, you could make a mini still action movie. It reminded Mommy of Gumby.
And I even got to be an archaeologist. Here I am learning all about fossils. They had neat hats to wear during the adventure, like the one in the background, but I wouldn't wear one for a picture.
I spent a lot of time at the magnet wall. I love magnets!
I also reached into these bins and tried to guess the tools I was feeling. I didn't know too many of them. I'm too little. But it was still fun!
There was even a craft station! I made this awesome dino crown with Mommy and Daddy's help. Mommy would have taken a picture of my creative process but her hands were covered with glue.
Here I am modeling my crown. So stylish! Did you know that dinos say "Roar"? Well they do and I told anyone who would listen all about it.
Mommy was super surprised to see this braille station, along with some of the literature produced in her office. There is a Braille Institute in Rancho Mirage so she has a pretty good idea how this station came to be. Neat, huh?
Next stop...built a ball tube. Daddy and I learned how to be engineers at this station. We built a pretty elaborate tunnel for the balls to go through. Mommy was impressed.
Then we moved on to this neat toy area. I played with this bead table for a looong time.
I was Noah the Focused, for sure. Did I mention that I spend a REALLY long time playing with this thing? Mommy and Daddy kept mentioning that there were more cool things to see but I was happy playing with the beads.
Finally, Mommy dragged me away from the beads and I gave Daddy a ride in this car.
Then I discovered two more neat stations. So I decided it was time to move on.
Next, I made a "pizza" in the pizzeria. I put down the crust and then added some sauce.
Then I piled on the toppings...
And popped that sucker in the oven.
Beautiful, right?
Then I sat down to "eat" my pizza. It was yummy!
After the pizzeria, I decided to do some light grocery shopping. First I loaded up on veggies. Corn looked good that day.
Don't forget the fruit. These grapes looked nice and ripe.
Then I added some juice to my cart.
Then it was time to check out. Wow, what a cart!
I was super fascinated by the cash register and pushed the drawer open about 50 times.
Just a few more things to see. How about this police motorcycle? I could barely reach the handle bars let alone the gas. I might need to grow a bit more.
I also climbed this rock wall with Daddy. I almost did it by myself.
My last stop was this cool rope maze. You are supposed to strap yourself to a colored line and then find your way out. I didn't quite get that concept so I had fun ducking under the ropes...
And wading through the chaos.
What an awesome day we had at the museum. Another neat thing to add to our list of fun stuff to do while vacationing in La Quinta!


Allison said...

Very cool, Noah! What is with kids and those bead things... I call it the "doctor's office bead toy." I can't get over how much you were able to fit in your grocery cart too... did Mommy and Daddy loan you some cash or are you a super wealthy toddler?! Maybe you hat a collection hat as you played the harp? Glad you had a good time!

Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Noah, what a cool place to visit and learn! You can go back anytime you are visiting Tutu and Sir in La Quinta. So many interesting things to explore for your curious little mind.