Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Bunny Fling

On Friday, Mommy and I invited Aunt Marisa and Cousin Ella to join us for the Big Bunny Fling at the L.A. Zoo. It was a bit crowded but we still had a great time. Ella and I loved looking at all the animals together and Aunt Marisa even brought me a pair of cute bunny ears to wear. Sweet!
And especially for Easter, they had bunnies for us to pet. They were so soft.

Ella loved the bunnies, too. The Mommies had to practically drag us away we loved them so much.

They also had special places set up to take pictures in front of. Here I am giving Mommy my very best "cheese."

Mommy attempted to take a cute photo of Ella and me together but it's tough to get toddlers like us to cooperate. Oh, well, nice try, Mommy.

OK, on to more animals. Aunt Marisa was very good at pointing out the animals to us.

We were given a really special treat when we stopped by the koala exhibit. A new baby koala! You can see it clinging to his mommy's back. They were very happily eating leaves together. Wow!

We also got a perfect look at Billy the elephant. He looked right at the crowd and posed for us. Amazing!

Ella loved seeing the elephants. She did not want to leave and got sad when this female elephant went around the corner. We had to tell her that she was going to see her mommy so she could take a nap.

I mean look at this beauty! She was having a ball filling her trunk with water and shooting it into her mouth. Ella and I were mesmerized!

I ended the morning with a ride on the official zoo train. Yippee (I think)!

Later that afternoon, Mommy and I went over to Mimi and Pop-Pop's house. Friday was Mommy and Daddy's 6th anniversary so my wonderful grandparents watched me so my parents could go out for dinner and a movie. It wasn't long before I noticed something hanging on the wall.

Well I'll be...it's Bob, Pop-Pop's big fish. Cool!

Now we can visit Bob anytime we come over. How awesome is that!

So there you have it. A wonderful Friday at the zoo with Aunt Marisa and Cousin Ella (thanks for coming with us, girls) and a fun evening with Mimi and Pop-Pop (thanks so much for watching me). I am one lucky boy, huh?


Mimi said...

And just think, Noah! Some day BOB is going to be at your house!!!Won't that be great? (hope it's not too soon! :) )

Love you!

Allison said...

What fun, Noah!! Was that fish about the size of the baby elephant?! I bet so!

Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Looks like a great day at the zoo with cousin Ella. You are both learning so much about animals and how to take care of these special friends in our world. Love you both, Tutu