Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pet Rocks Rock

On Saturday, Jack was felling much better from his bought with the stomach flu so we all got together at Mimi and Pop-Pop's house for dinner. Great-Grammy thought we needed a project so she found us some perfect pet rocks in the garden and we set to making them pretty. Aunt Jenn supervised and made sure we used proper marker etiquette. Jack was very good at the coloring part. Very nice technique, Buddy!
And I wasn't too bad either. I liked the red the best.
Here are Jack's finished pets...
And here are mine. Next time we see Great-Grammy, she promised us that she would have eyes, ears, nose and mouth stickers for us to finish our rock friends. Cool!
After our art project, we went inside to play like the monkeys we are. Mommy loves this photo of Jack. He looks so calm and collected.
After our bathes, Jack and I took a few more pictures before saying good-bye.
Gotta get in some cousin love, right?
Wait, where did we go? And where did these blankets come from?
Wait, I think those are feet!
Boy, am I glad I have my cousin to be silly with.

Thanks for having us, Mimi and Pop-Pop, and thanks for helping us make pet rocks, Grammy!

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Meg said...

Cousins are so great! Love the rock project!