Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Easter Bunny Came!

On Easter morning, I woke up to find special treats in my basket from none other than the Easter Bunny. Who-hoo!
And as is ourtradition, the Easter Bunny left me a special treat in this ceramic basket: a cute little boy dressed as a bunny and a bunch of cool stickers. Neat!

He even left me a card and signed it, too.

I found all kinds of awesome treats in my basket, like this sweet little bunny. He is super huggable.

And this special Easter Play-Doh in a chickie and bunny who have stampers on their feet.

I also got an egg with a Thomas train inside. I love it and drove it all over the table.

I especially love my Easter Bunny snack plate. It makes snacktime so much more fun!

But the best treat of all were these awesome bunny ears. I look so cool in them!

What great treats I got from the Easter Bunny, huh? Guess I'm ready for the official Egg Hunt at Tutu and Sir's house this afternoon. Stay tuned...


Allison said...

Man, Noah... the Easter Bunny must have been happy to unload all of that loot at your house!! Must have been weighing him down! Happy Easter!

Meg said...

Pop Pop is right..."Noah the focused" in the pictures reviewing your gifts! You had a super Easter!!

Mimi said...

You are a cute Easter Bunny and I love you!