Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Big 2nd Birthday Bash: The Party

Finally it was time for the big party to start! Here I am getting ready to greet my guests.
The theme for the party? You guessed it: Yo Gabba Gabba! We had Brobee party hats, Plex blowers, awesome placemats with all the characters and even a DJ Lance Rock Cake (more on that later). Here are Pop-Pop, Sir and Terry enjoying the party atmosphere.I had to make sure to keep up my strength so I scarfed goldfish crackers. OK, so I put a lot in my mouth at once but I had so many people to schmooze with. Doesn't leave a whole lot of time for eating.
Then the party was in full swing. Here is a shot of all the action. We served chili dogs with homemade chili made by Pop-Pop and Mimi. Yum! But of course I had mac 'n cheese.
My beautiful cousin, Ella, came all the way from Redondo Beach in the rain with her parents, my godparents Aunt Marisa and Uncle Mike. She's four-months-old and growing so big!
Here I am blowing my blower. I was so good at it that Mama had to keep telling me to stick to one blower and leave the others for the guests. What!?
Finally it was time for cake! My Tutu made this incredible DJ Lance Rock cake for us from scratch. Wowee!
Here I am with Mama and Dada getting ready to blow out the candles. OK, so I didn't exactly blow out the candles. Mama and I practiced for weeks but I cracked under the pressure. There's always next year...
See, I tried...
Thanks for making this neato cake, Tutu. You're the best!
Here I am with all my favorite ladies. Notice Mama's party hat. Of course I would not wear know how much I do not like hats.
Here are the party-goers enjoying their cake. Cousin Ella tried really hard to score a bite but she was denied! Sorry, Ella, only eight months until your birthday...
Then it was time for presents! I got these neat frog boots from Cousin Jack. Now we can stomp around in our boots together!
It's so hard going to another kid's party when you are 2 and not getting anything. But Mimi made sure to give Jack a few surprises, too. Good show, Mimi!I got this cool Bat Cave from Tutu, Sir and Aunt Nora. It took all the adults a long time to get it out of the box. I think I'm going to have to share this one with Mama, Dada and Uncle Jon.
Another cool gift was the Yo Gabba Gabba Boogie Down Dance Mat from Mimi and Pop-Pop. I tried it out today and it rocks!
In good toddler fashion, the boxes are always more entertaining than the actual gifts that came inside.
At the end of the day, Jack and I were sooooo pooped! We had to take a short rest to energize ourselves.

So thanks, everyone, for coming to my party, for celebrating my cute little life and bringing such great gifts. Mama says we get to do this again next year, and the year after that and the...well you get the picture.


Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! Your mom and dad know how to throw a great party - We had such a good time celebrating with you! Have a wonderful next year!

Allison said...

This post makes me hungry. Hot dogs, Mac and Cheese, goldfish... some of my favorites! Good thing I am not a big cake person or else I would need a totally adorable dessert too!
Happy Birthday, Noah! It looks like you had quite a bash and really raked it in too!

Meg said...

Boy o BOY! That was some festival to celebrate your successful passage of two years and send off for number three! Lots of fun stuff to keep you busy this new year!