Monday, December 28, 2009

Cookies for Santa

With only two days until Christmas, Mama and I baked cookies for Santa Claus. I had to check my countdown chart just to make sure.
Did you know that Santa LOVES chocolate chip cookies with extra chocolate chunks? Mama says they are his favorite!
Here I am putting the cookies on the sheet. I decided to smash them down a bit just in case.
Here I am watching my cookies in the oven. Hi, cookies! (Note from Mama: Don't worry, we have a double-paned oven so the outside does not get hot. I didn't want any of you to pass out.)
And here I am waiting for the cookies to be done. Check out my special "Cookies for Santa" plate. Neat, huh? I hope Santa loves them...


Jenn said...

These photos are so cute - Noah looks darling!!!!

Meg said...

Nice job on the cookies! I know Santa must have loved them--even better job recording the project, Mama!

Allison said...

Love it! I bet those cookies were YUMMY - hope Santa left some for you! Also, love these pictures... you look like such a happy little boy getting all ready for Santa - even though you don't particularly like the guy.

Anonymous said...

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